Splendid Science is  an online platform/club for science enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of science in a stress free environment. An ideal place where members of any co-curricular/science club can collaborate for their activites.

Anybody interested in knowing more about Science and above 13 years old can take membership here. Here Science include Natural Science , Social Science, Human Science et al

Inquisiteness and Aptitude towards Science and related subjects

You can become a member by taking a membership. Membership is free now. Complete the Request to Join form to enroll.

Presently no payment required to Join

We recommend you not to share your membership since there are many member specific features in the platform

The club is open 24×7 with no time restrictions. However in the event of any maintenance there may be restrictions. This happens rarely

We very strongly suggest all members to discuss only subjects realted to Science, Technology, Engineering &Mathematics inside our paltform. Only topics relevant for co-curricular activites are to be discussed. Any discussion should be within the law of the state.

Splendid Science is a co- curricular platform and does not award any educational qualification. But it helps you to be better informed and spend quality time. There will be a lot of information for you to explore and enjoy

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